My style: New shoes

I really need to stop buying shoes, I just can’t help myself. I fell in love with these super cute shoes which you can buy from H&M for Β£29.99. They are black, quite chinky heeled shoes with lace ups and they make me so much taller than I actually am! I wore them for the first time today and it probably wasn’t the best idea (it was a 9 hour shift afterall) but nevertheless, everyone commented on how nice they are and that I looked adorable today. I added my own touch of cuteness aswell by wearing frilly socks with them.

My little outfit for today consisted of these shoes with black tights, a black slater skirt and a light grey top I bought from New Look a few months ago. I work for H&M and can’t help but spend my wages on things that we sell, maybe if my discount was taken away from me I wouldn’t feel the need to treat myself every week or so! *oops*

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