Top 10 Christmas movies!


I’d thought I would share my top 10 christmas movies today as I have been watching lots at the moment and love writing about anything christmas themed! It was pretty hard only picking 10 as there are so many awesome ones out there and it was simply impossible to put them in order, so in no particularly order at all, here is my top 10..

Home Alone – So much mischief and giggles

The Santa Clause – Imagination runs wild

Miracle of 34th Street – Cheerful and heartwarming

Love Actually – I love, love.

The Holiday – Romance is bliss

The Muppets Christmas Carol – The coolest muppets in a traditional storyΒ 

Jingle All The Way – IT’S TURBOMAN

Bad Santa – Cheeky & hilarious (this one is more for the grown ups)

Four Christmases –Β A little cheesy but real

Elf – Super funny and fun loving


Not long now guys! Less thank 2 weeks and I am super excited, yay! πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Christmas movies!

  1. This is awesome- I’ve wrote a similar post and it’s funny how we’ve only got like two movies the same, and the rest are different- I love how diverse people can be! Awesome picks though- I just caught Jingle All the Way on TV the other day for the first time and Arnie was brilliant in it πŸ™‚


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