A-Z tips and advice!


Hello everyone, so I am going to try and attempt to write an a-z of tips for anyone who loves all things fashion, lifestyle, beauty or anything really, so yeah here goes. πŸ˜€

A. Age is just a number. Yes age is just a number. Don’t feel like you are too young that you are missing out or don’t feel too old (even tho yes sometimes I feel 23 is so old haha!) Don’t worry about how old someone is, a lot of my friends are like 4-5 years younger than me and we get on great! Age doesn’t define maturity.

B. Brows. Doing a good job with your eyebrows does make a big difference to your face, even if you only want to wear a little makeup, apply some powder into your eyebrows softly and voila! But PLEASE do not over pluck, you will thank me later.

C. Cotton buds! These handy little things are life savers! I have been using these since I was a young teenager, always nagging my mum to buy them for me in tescos! I mainly use them for any smudges I make with my mascara or eyeliner, they clean it up nicely! ALWAYS HAVE COTTON BUDS.

D. Dry Shampoo. How blessed am I that this product exists,Β so blessed!Β When I was younger I never even knew this existed then I was in Boots one day and I seen it and thought wow what a good idea as at the time my hair was getting a little greasy like a day after washing and it became very frustrating. It is a holy grail for sure! πŸ˜›

E. Eat what you want. Obviously the healthier the better and what not, but hey if some-one offers you a slice of fatty chocolate cake, take it and scoff it down as it will be yummy and do not regret it! It’s ok to treat yourself with all those bad but delicious foods as long as it’s not 24/7!


F. Face masks. I love love love doing a good ole face mask! Nothing like a nice pamper and these are great if you suffer from acne or any breakouts, you can even get ones for dry skin which is fab especially in those winter months, My favourite ones to get are the natural and fresh masks from Lush, but even the cheaper ones from your local drug store do the job too!

G. Get up and get motivated! I feel that I feel much better once I stop being lazy and get off my butt and do something, anything, even if it means going for walk.

H. Hydration. Drinking water is so so good for you and your skin so try to drink 8-10 glasses a day, it really does make a difference. Water is like the only cold drink I drink now πŸ˜› So always keep yourself hydrated especially in the sun, and it’s also refreshing.

I. Include yourself. I feel not including yourself in things with family or friends and even people on the internet, you may feel alone and no-one likes feeling alone.

J. Jokes. Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? Because it ran out of juice.

K. Keep in touch. Never forget to keep in touch with your loved ones. I’m sure your nan, cousin or old friend would love a little chat, why not give them a ring or message, hey that’s what facebook is for right?

L. Laugh everyday. Laughing is so good for you, relieves any stress and makes you feel good inside and out, laughter is the also the best medicine.


M. Moisturise. Twice a day in the morning on a fresh clean face and same again in the evening or when you have gotten out of the bath/shower. Face and full body, keeping your skin moisturised is such a high priority in taking care of the skin. You’ll thank yourself in years to come too πŸ˜›

N. Nails. I am never without any nail varnish on my finger or toe nails, I think my nails look so plain and dreadful without! I love collecting lots of different colours and experimenting with them too πŸ˜› Don’t forget to cut and file your nails often and if you can have treatments now and again for a treat to yourself!

O. Open up. If you need to talk to someone but can’t you can always open up to paper, I love to write all my inside thoughts and feelings in my journal as I feel this helps a lot in different situations, so don’t forget you are not alone, there is always someone there to listen.


P. Pop-punk and rock is fab, take a listen as you may be missing out πŸ˜‰ Also positivity is the best! Try to always look on the bright side of life! πŸ˜›


Q. Question everything. I like to ask a lot of questions, sometimes people get frustrated but it is nice to find out about things I have no idea about, it really interests me asking about different things or people, it’s intriguing.

R. Re-style yourself. If you want to have a change up to what you wear or your makeup or hair DO IT! I love looking different and trying new things with my style and I find it really fun and exciting.


S. SING! I love to sing, in the car, in the shower, in work.. yep I get some stares but I’m cool with that. Singing is fun, who cares if anyone thinks it’s good or not.

T. Toner. I feel that toner is a big essential, it makes you feel refreshed and removes any dirt after cleansing.

U. Underwear. Every girl needs to own some cute as hell underwear and sexy lingerie too, if you have no-one treating you then go ahead and treat yourself ladies!

V. Vitamins. I take the Skin, Hair and Nails vitamins from Holland & Barrett and I think they are fab and do work! You need to take 3 tablets daily with meals and within a few weeks you’ll see a difference. There is lots of different vitamins for various things in lots of shops as well as Holland & Barret, so maybe check them out πŸ™‚

W. Watch lot’s of tv. I like to watch tv a lot, usually box set series or Hollyoaks and I really like to watch films too, I am a film fanatic! πŸ˜€


X. X for x factor. That show is not as good as it used to be, what has happened?!

Y. You are awesome & one of a kind. Don’t forget it. πŸ˜›

Z. Zzzzzz. Plenty of sleep is always needed to keep your skin looking in tip top condition and also to make you feel better too. Too much sleep makes me feel drowsy sometimes so I try to get my 8 hours in. πŸ˜‰

Phew.. I did it! yay.Β I hope you liked this random little post of mine! Hey, I may of inspired a few of you.. or not. πŸ˜› And I also really enjoyed writing this, it was fun. πŸ˜€


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