Day out at The Harry Potter Studios!Β 


AMAZING! That is the only word I can say to express how my day was! So last Monday evening my boyfriend surprised me telling me that we are travelling to London to stay in a hotel for the night and going to The Harry Potter Studios on Tuesday, I was so so happy and super excited when he told me! It was a last minute thing and I am so grateful that he takes me to awesome places! πŸ˜€ We also went along with our friends Jamie & Bekki and we all had lots of fun throughout the day and also got a little bit drunk in the hotel room haha!

When we first arrived I couldn’t believe how big the studios actually were, and even the entrance hall was awesome! It was filled with pictures of all the characters and even had the flying car hanging from the ceiling. Oh and I can’t forget the humongous Christmas tree which was stunning if I must say so myself.

IMG_0085IMG_0097 IMG_0100 IMG_0106

We got to the studios quite early as we had to check out are hotel and so we had plenty of time to look around the big gift shop they have which was filled with everything Harry Potter related you can think of, literally wanted to buy everything! Why must merch be so expensive! The most favourite thing was the capes they had, we all tried them on and took photos, they were something like Β£70 so we didn’t purchase them (MAYBE ONE DAY) but it felt so magical to wear them, I obviously had Gryffindor and Adam wore his favourite house, Slytherin.

IMG_0109 IMG_0114

IMG_0110 IMG_0117 IMG_0121

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much detail as that would be one big ass blog post! All in all If you are a Harry Potter fan like us then you should really get your butts here as it is such a magical fun day and super interesting too. Our day was filled with drinking butter beer (I actually hated lol!) being amazed by all the sets, we went on the freakin hogwarts express *SO COOL* and we dressed up as wizards and witches! So here is just a few of my favourite photos from the amazing day we had! Enjoy!

IMG_0161 IMG_0175 IMG_0184 IMG_0207 IMG_0214 IMG_0221 IMG_0243 IMG_0268 IMG_0273 IMG_0299 IMG_0304 IMG_0305 IMG_0310 IMG_0320 IMG_0329 IMG_0334 IMG_0345 IMG_0352 IMG_0368 IMG_0382

I hope you enjoyed my post on my day out to Hogwarts, I can’t wait to visit it again one day!


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