Lush bubbleroon bubble bar πŸ’œ

Hello you lovely lot! I used a gorgeous smelling bubble bar today from Lush and it is pink and glittery and smells amazingly like rose, just like their Rose Jam shower gel if you have ever tried that? (ALSO AMAZING) I love the fact that this is shaped as a Macaroon with that they made the name Bubbleroon, so cute. It looks so good I want to eat it! I have used this bubble bar once before a while ago and found that I still had this one wrapped up in it’s cute little gift box as I had gotten it as a present for my birthday and totally forgotten I had it!

Inside the box the bubbleroon was wrapped in pink tissue paper which is so adorable and the box itself was so lovely, it’s bright pink with a green lid and a little gold bow tied up on the top. I used half of the bubble bar as I usual do with Lush bubble bars, as I think this is plenty for how much bubbles it makes and then you can wrap the other half up and used it again next time!

It made my bath a wonderful pink colour and lots of lovely smelling bubbles too! The rose jam scent is made up from lemon, rose geranium oil and fair trade cocoa butter and shea butter which also makes the skin feel super soft and smooth afterwards. I really really do love the smell of the Rose Jam scent and I am a big fan of all Lush products anyway as they all smell fantastic.

I really loved using this Bubbleroon and one of my favourite things to do to relax is to have a Lush bath as they always put me in a happy mood! πŸ˜€ You can get this Bubble bar from your local Lush shop or online for just Β£3.75! πŸ˜›



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