I’m a spendaholic!? πŸ’œ

I have come to realise quite recently I can’t help but shop, shop until I drop! If i have money, I can’t help but buy myself things, this is aiming a lot towards clothes as this is what all my money will usually go on apart from the off pair of shoes and make-up aswell of course. It’s like sometimes I think to myself “did I really need to buy that?” Or “some one should definitely hide my money from me!” Like seriously, it’s getting out of hand, and I have a lack of space right now to put everything anywhere at all, hmm what does a girl do ay? By the way does anyone remember that film ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ I used to LOVE that film haha.

I need to buy myself a planner to try to be more organised with my spending money and maybe my life in general haha. And to also keep myself on track and not let loose into a store and spend Β£20-Β£40 that could of been saved! I feel as thought I am quite an organised person anyway, constantly writing lists for this and that but I feel when payday comes around and I have paid the bills etc. I sometimes go a bit overboard on the whole ‘treating myself’ and even tho I can never have the courage to returning the gorgeous, awesome things I have bought back to the shops they came from, I think damn, maybe I shouldn’t of got that, but hey ho may aswell keep it now. *this is me every week*

Being made full-time in work recently in the last few months hasn’t helped at all! I am earning a little more money and I want to start saving and spending it on more fun things rather than clothes and clothes and more clothes.. I need to tell myself it’s okay not to have the newest things in store and do I really need another lipstick? Probably not Soph.

Here’s to a little ban on buying myself too much stuff I really could live without! From now until christmas I have decided to try to just buy christmas presents for everyone and get into the giving spirit! One christmas present to myself wont hurt tho will it..? πŸ™ˆ

Do you also have a bad habit of shopping maybe a little too much?Β 

Until next time, Sophie✨

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