Sophie’s Weekly!

Hello lovelies! πŸ˜€

This week has gone super quick, but I am back again for an update on whats been going on in my world.

Illness.Β So the lurgy has been going around and it finally got to me as everyone in my house has it so it was impossible to not catch it UGH. I haven’t been overly bad so I have still been going to work all week and just pulling through it. πŸ˜›

Coffee lover?! Recently I have been taking visits to Costa and Starbucks and instead of a hot chocolate like I would usually get I have been getting coffee, yes me drinking coffee! My favourite to get is a mocha latte and I tried the new white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and it was lush! πŸ˜› I have always been a tea person but I think that is changing! πŸ˜‰

Kid Ink & Pia Mia Concert! On Thursday I went with my friend Nakita from work, to go see Pia Mia at Kid Ink’s concert! Omg, it was such an awesome night full of singing and dancing, we also got straight in with o2 priority at the o2 Academy in Bristol and stood right at the front which was amazing! πŸ˜€

Little brother’s birthday! On Friday was my little brother Tyler’s 13th birthday and after work I came home to a mad house aka my family. We had lots of laughs and Mum put lots of food together and had birthday cake, he chose a pug cake, he is a strange one haha.

Getting drunk once again! So I have been partying a lot lately *guiltyyyyy* I am young and having fun so why not ay πŸ™‚ On Saturday night I went into town for drink with a few work friends to celebrate Abbey’s 18th birthday and it was so much fun and today I am feeling it! Sooooo tired. I even had a nap, which is pretty strange for me!
That’s it for this tweek! Thank you reading as always! See you next week.

Until next time lovelies!Β 


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