My new butterfly tattoo! πŸ’œπŸ’‰

Hey lovelies! πŸ˜€

Β Β 

Guess what I just got done.. a tattoo! I am so happy, as I have wanted a new one for so long. The last time I had a tattoo was about 3 years ago, just after my birthday too and I was super excited to get this one done.Β 
(by the way, how cool is that clock^^) My tattoo was booked in for 12pm at Angels at Holey Skin, based in Bristol, and I was super nervous whilst waiting in the waiting room. My boyfriend Adam came with me for support too and he was even allowed to come into the room where I was being tattooed and sat next to me which I was very pleased about, a lot of the time tattooist don’t allow this. Unfortunately the girl who is called Karla, was a bit late but it wasn’t her fault she had to get the train and it was late, but to be honest I didn’t mind as it gave me some time to chill out and calm my nerves! haha.

So she asked me what kind of size I wanted the tattoo to be and then she printed it out and traced it onto another sheet so then this could be put onto my skin to leave a stencil mark to tattoo over. The tattoo design I chose was a butterfly and it took a lot of time researching lots of designs on the internet before I chose the final one and I love it! I was thinking of going for a more bold old school design but I am glad I ended up deciding on this one as I think it looks more pretty and very me. I got my colour just black and some shading too.

It took around 45 minutes to actually do the tattoo and it really didn’t hurt as much as I expected it too, some bits hurt for a few seconds but the rest was bearable and I just felt lots of vibration! Kind of felt nice, I’m one of those people who actually enjoys the feeling of getting a tattoo done, weird I know. πŸ˜€Β 
And here is the final result, she let me take a photo of it before she rubbed some cream into it and cling filmed it up and she also took a photo for herself which was nice. πŸ˜€

She told me to leave the clingfilm on for about an hour and then remove it and wash it with warm soapy water (which I sam just about to do after I finish this blog post!) Then after to apply cream, I opted for bepanthenΒ nappy cream, yes nappy cream! Which I purchased from Sainsbury’s for a couple of pound. I always use this of every one of my tattoos and it does the job so yeah! You just apply a thin layer every couple of hours through out the day for about 2 weeks, and the tattoo should hear nicely, it can take up to 6 weeks to heal.

I would be delighted to answer any questions if anyone has any! Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it! πŸ˜€

Until next time lovelies


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