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Hello everyone 😀


Photo of the week | Myself & Georgia | Thekla

I’m back again this week with my usual take on the previous 7 days of my life and share some happy things to end my week on a positive note! 🙂

  1. Big news! So on Monday myself and my family got some big shocking news that my Mum will be moving back to Bristol, her home town *yay* Which means my little brother and sister will be moving with her and we’ll all be able to see each other so much more, I am thrilled about this! 😀
  2. Discounts! On Tuesday in work we all got told that all staff can have 50% 3 items in store until the 30th because of season start (which means new season of stock and stuff) and I still can’t decide what to get, maybe some boots and a rucksack..?
  3. Colouring Book! On Wednesday I finally got round to getting my hands on one of those colouring book made for grown ups (nearly 23 so I guess I’m officially a grown up :() And I am in love with the Animal Kingdom one that I chose.
  4. Girlie time! I have been recently getting close to one of my work colleauges Georgia and we have been shopping and had a lunch date Thursday. On Saturday we went out into town for drinks to celebrate her birthday! I haven’t got many friends, so it’s so nice to have girlie time.
  5. My first Beauty Box! YAY. On payday I finally had a chance to order my first ever beauty box and I went for Birchbox and it arrived on Saturday morning. I am in love, mainly with the emoji box soooo cool. But yeah, I have tried some of the products already and I am loving it. 😀

That’s it for my week! It has been a good one and I am super happy! Stay positive and try to think happy thoughts! As always, thank you for reading. 🙂

See you next week!


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