Sophie’s Weekly Happys! πŸ’œ

Hello lovelies πŸ˜€

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Photo of the week | Adam and I | Happy smiles

Back again with a recap on my week and all those things that made me happy! πŸ˜€ The weather has been up and down (mostly down) but I am one who does enjoy the rain to be honest. I work most days anyhow so I miss most of it! Heres how my week went…


I haven’t baked in a while so on Tuesday on my day off of work I had time to get right to it! I went for simple cupcakes with chocolate and glitter decorations and I really enjoyed it and they tasted yummy! I actually did a blog post on it which you can find *here*

Date Night

Adam & myself went for a date night on Tuesday evening and he took us to Wagamama’s and we both went for a chicken katsu curry, it’s soooo goood! Then we went to the cinema to watch vacation. I love spending time with one of my favourite people. Oh I also did a review on the filmΒ *here*

Dominos pizza

Friday night was pizza night for me and my boyfriend and we had a cosy night in listening to the rain on the windows, ahhh.

The X Factor

Guess what started back on TV on Saturday.. You guessed it, the x factor! One of my favourites! I think the auditions are hilarious and I adore listening to amazing singers. πŸ™‚

Day out with Adam

Me and Adam both had the weekend off which was really nice, we wanted to go to the zoo but this england weather isn’t brilliant so we thought we’d save it for another sunny day and a week day so all the kids wont be there either haha. On Saturday we spent our day in town and did a spot of shopping and got frozen yoghurt and bubble tea! Yum!

Thanks for reading everyone. Hope you had an excellent week. πŸ™‚

See you next week!


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