Tips for blogging beginners! πŸ’œ

Hello everyone! πŸ™‚Β 


Okay, so I know I am no way near a massive blogger or well-known or anything like that but I feel as if tho I have gained a nice number of loyal readers in the last few months since I started my blog and I just wanted to share a few little tips of my own if any newbies would like to read and hopefully it may help them out a little. πŸ™‚ I really like reading post like these from bloggers that have a few more followers than myself so make sure you search and give them a read they are super handy! I hope to carry on and stick to my own advice and take on others too. I find that it’s all about constant learning and constant improvement when blogging, so even people who have hundreds of followers are still learning and improving every single day they blog and that’s what is great about it and you can learn lots of new skills for yourself.

  1. Always be yourself.Β This is probably my number 1 rule for all beginner bloggers, always be yourself and don’t be afraid to express that on your site and in your posts. On my blog I write how I feel and what I am thinking and I let a little of my personality out in my posts as I like to read other blog posts that do the same too. Write about things that you love and the passion will show through your writing.
  2. Never Copy.Β Yes of course it is okay to get inspiration from other blogs as there is millions of amazing ones out there, but try to do your own thing and don’t do things just because some one else has, do it because you want to.
  3. Images, images & images.Β You don’t need to have any special equipment or a professional camera as most beginner bloggers will just use their mobileΒ phone like myself, I use my iPhone 5s. I feel as if a blog post with no images isn’t as appealing to readers as one with an image/s. Always try to use natural light if you can (it gets tricky in the winter months) and also don’t edit your photos or only edit them a little especially when you want to get the colors across. I try to take my photos in daylight and save them for when I do get round to writing the post, wether it be that day or not.
  4. Put your own little spin on things. I am a big lover of uniqueness and doing things little differently so I like to put my own spin on things on my blog. For an example I always end my posts with ‘Until next time lovelies, Sophie’ and I put my media links as well. I also use Purple Emoji hearts on my blog as I like them haha. You can start your own series of things that makes your blog unique too, like myself with my ‘Sophie’s Weekly Happys’.
  5. Design. When choosing your theme and customizing your blog it can get stressful, I mean I changed mine loads in the beginning I just couldn’t get satisfied! Then one day one just stuck and it fits me and my blog perfectly! Don’t be scared to try out new things to see what you like and don’t like and try to match a little of your blog to what you blog about and to you as a person. Some people love in your face colors and lots of pictures and designs and some like it more simple, you’ll know what you fits you best when you experiment.
  6. Communication. This is a really important part of having a successful blog, make sure you communicate with other bloggers and you make lots of blogging friends too! This is one of my favorite things about blogging, everyone is so great and we all support each other and it makes you feel really good and I probably wouldn’t of got this farΒ if it wasn’t for all of my lovely readers. πŸ˜€
  7. Don’t stress. If you ever get any hate (touch wod) or negative comments about your blog, just do not listen to them, some people are just a little nasty and probably jealous, try to ignore it all. I have my comments privacy on so I have to approve before it shows on my blog which I think is a really good idea. Also do not worry about telling everyone straight away, only a few close people in my life know about my blog and I don’t know anyone else who actually has a blog apart from myself. I have only advertised it on my twitter and instagram so far maybe one day I’ll get some courage to put it on my Facebook page too..

I hope this was some-what helpful with any newbies out there! All these tips helped me on my blogging journey and I am still learning lots of things now and improving everyday.

Until next time lovelies


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