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Hello world. πŸ˜€


Today I wanted to talk about body image and body positivity with you guys.Β I have this weird love-hate thing about myself and my body which I have had since I was in my late teens. I feel that I am quite a confident person and I know how to dress my body type and I love to experiment with make-up and style but I have had issues in the past about how I feel about my body and my weight and things. My mind has been in a bad place before, but don’t get me wrong I still have my moments where I am in self hate mode and can’t help but be upset and angry for how I look but I am always trying to try to love myself and be happy with myself, that way I know I’ll lead a more happy life. I have had many comments thrown at me before, sometimes people quite close to me, they don’t even realise what they say has an affect on me. “You’re way too skinny” “You need to get some meat on you” But then I have lost control a little and gained a few pounds and I’d hear things like “Ooh you’ve put on a bit of weight haven’t you” “You don’t look too skinny now” And that would take me back to square one and I would lose the weight again. It was like a vicious circle and it was horrible.


There is sooo much pressure nowadays from the media, celebrities, porn, magazine and all those perfect gorgeous people that we follow on instagram who we’d love to look like *guilty* All the hate that you see also and all this talk of what is suppose to be the perfect woman or the perfect size. One thing I really hate is when I see things that people are saying that fat is bad and then skinny is bad and that no one can win. Things such as “too fat to love” but then “a real woman has curves” “nobody wants a bone” it aims it at all different sizes of people and it just isn’t fair. We all have our flaws which makes us who we are. Some have stretch marks, scars, tattoos, piercings, crazy hair but there is nothing wrong with being different. No matter what gender or sexuality or race or religion we are, we are all human beings and should like one another for the person we are not what we look like.


Nothing is perfect, there is no ‘normal’ as such, we should be proud of our bodies and worship them. I once thought that there was a perfect body but there isn’t. Like me, you probably have this perfect lookΒ and size in your mind which you wish to be, but don’t feel like you aren’t good enough just the way you are already, because you are good enough. We should own our bodies and try to feel positive about our bodies. Encourage each other and don’t be scared to compliment others and accept compliments. There is always room for self improvement, try to be the best version of yourself. We are not loved by others for the way we look, we are loved for the loving kind, good person that we are. Just remember we are all different and unique in our own ways and you are you.yes

Our bodies are strong and beautiful and we’re all unique. My goal is to love mine.Β 

Until next time lovelies


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