Top 10 ecards. πŸ’œ

hello world. πŸ™‚

We all love ecards and we have days where we’d share them on our social networking sites because it perfectly describes exactly how we are feeling haha. I love reading them, they always make me laugh. Here is my top 10 that I love and I think our so relevant to me.

1. Those people that are constantly on their phones when you are in their company, it is sooooo annoying and just rude -.-


2. Being a girl, this is one of the best feelings. You feel so freeeeeee!


3. Those competitive people who try to be better than others because of what they have or what not, so annoying, just no. Some are so unoriginal.

4. Any one else.. Hahaa..

5. Well ya know, what can I say.

6. So I’ve had a complete weird stalker copycat girl in the past so this has been VERY relatable!

7. Again this one makes me chuckle! You never know who still stalks you?! I don’t and it’s creepy just thinking of it haha! Some people are just a bit loopy..

8. Oh that wonderful but annoying place called Facebook! Some people need to stop with OTT posts!

9. Lmao!

10. Last but not least, when you are talking to some one and you feel like they have no common sense whatsoever *slaps head*

Hope some of these made you giggle a little! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this post!

Until next time lovelies


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