My favourite bands. πŸ’œ

Hello world! πŸ˜€


I listen to a lot of music, everyday, and I have a music taste like no other. I like lots of kinds of types of music but I mainly like pop punk alternative style or some general pop chart and r’n’b music. Here are a few of my fave bands to listen to..

| Paramore |

I have been a huge fan of Paramore for yearsΒ and I absolutely adore Hayley Williams she is perfection in my eyes. When I first got into Pop Punk/Punk Rock type of music this was the band that I fell in love with straight away and was constantly listening to their music. My 2 favourite songs are probably ‘Misery Business’ & ‘Last Hope’. Hayley’s voice is amazing and the band just sound great! She is my girl crush for sure πŸ˜‰


| We are the in crowd |

If you like paramore then I’m sure you may like this band too, they sound great and some say they do sound quite familiar to Paramore, but the guys sing too so it makes their music sound different. My 2 favourite songs are ‘The Best Thing’ & ‘Exits and Entrances’.


|Β All Time Low |Β 

I remember the first time I heard of them, the single ‘Weightless’ came out and I just loved the video and how it was put together! Their music is always awesome and they are one of my fave all men pop punk bands.


|Β 5 Seconds of Summer |Β 

This band is like my new obsession! I have liked them for a while but right now I can’t get enough of these 4 boys! Eventually want to go see them in concert as I think the atmosphere would rock! I love their music and the fact they all play instruments is awesome. Very pop punk and I love it. Ashton is my fave *cutie* Their new single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ is awesome, can’t stop listening to it!


|Β One Direction |

More to my love for pop music, I have loved One Direction from the very beginning back in X Factor, when young Harry Styles walked onto that stage and started singing… wow. He is one beautiful human being and you’ve probably guess he is my celebrity crush *fan girling* I even have a Harry doll and at the age of 22 I am not one bit embarrassed πŸ˜› Haha!! I love mostly all of their songs and their music videos are my favourite! I seen them in concert on their On The Road Again tour in Cardiff in June and it was just incredible. Can’t wait until the next tour! πŸ˜€ I cannot pick a favourite song?! Choice is way too hard haha.



Now you know a little bit more about my music taste and my favourite bands πŸ˜› Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time my lovelies!


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