Little collective haul. 💜

Hello fellow bloggers. 😀

We all like to buy ourselves little treats now and again and I haven’t had a shopping trip in what seems like forever, due to not having much money, but I will have a nice shopping spree soon so *watch this space* This post is just a few things that I have picked up recently and thought I’d share it with you guys. Enjoy..

Cat makeup bag | Primark | £3Like seriously guys, how cute is this?! Soon as I seen it in Primark the other day I knew I just had to get it. I was in need for a new makeup bag anyhow as my collection of beauty products is constantly expanding! It’s cute, an average size, pastel pink and it has a cat on it, even with cat ears AWWW. Love it.

Long sleeved top | Primark | £6

I am slightly obsessed with stripes, I see a striped top, usually black and white, and I have to buy it! I like how they look on myself and I seen this one and thought to myself, hmm do I need another striped top? But then I was like, I haven’t got a long sleeved striped top so then my decision was made> 😛 It fits lovely and it is slightly off the shoulder which I think looks very flattering. The material is super soft too!

Candles | Primark | £1 each

Okay guy I promise this isn’t a primark haul *haha* But I wanted to included these cute little glass candle pots! They were only £1 each and I picked up the scents Red Berry & Jasmine along with Blackcurrant & Forest Plum. I am a sucker for candles and at that price you can’t go wrong. Primark have a nice range of candles and I like to always be stocked up! I can re-use the glass pots after too which is a bonus.

Book: Brand New Friend by Mike Gayle | Charity Shop | £1.20

I love bargain buys in charity shops, especially books. Some of my best reads are random ones I have bought from charity shops believe it or not! This book is about a guy that moves to live in London with his girlfriend, but leaving his best friend behind. He eventually meets a new friend which just happens to be a girl.. I have only just started this book and I am enjoying it so far.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint | Boots | £3.99 
I have sooo many nail polishes with the majority of them being Barry m ones, as they are my fave! At the moment I absolutely adore the gelly range that they have, I have brought a couple so far and my most recent one is the colour 36 Fondant. It’s a lovely pastel colour and the shine looks so nice! Great for summer.

Natural Collection Eyeshadow | Boots | £1.99

The natural collection makeup is soo good for easy and affordable makeup with most of their products only being £1.99 I just love it. I picked up one of their eyeshadows and I got the shade Moonshine which is a grey glittery colour which I love to use to add a little sparkle to my eyes!

Thats it for some bits and bobs I have been collecting up to show you. Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this post!

Until next time lovelies


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9 thoughts on “Little collective haul. 💜

    1. Thanks! I love it so much, super cute. Yes they do, I am looking forward to my shopping spree soon, i wanted so much stuff when i was in there haha! Nice blog, i followed 😀 x


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