Food for hands? Yup! πŸ’œ

Hello world. πŸ˜€

This is just a little post ofΒ a product that I am loving right now! Yes, you heard me correctly, hand food. This is from the Soap & Glory range and it is hand cream (so not actually food ok guys haha) but cool name right? Hand food! I have had this for ages and I use it quite a lot so it definitely lasts a long time. I first got this cream in a set as a gift and fell in love with it straight away!

The texture is soft and it smells incredible (like every S&G product does!) It’s gorgeous smell is from the Shea butter, Macadamia oil and marshmallow, yes marshmallow YUM! πŸ˜› It makes my hands feel lovely and soft and very nourished. I carry this in my handbag everywhere I go and I use it when I feel my hands need it and also sometimes just because I love how it feels and smells haha. I often feel my hands are dry after washing my hands or after using my hand sanitizer (which I also carry everywhere with me, clean freak!) or other times like when you have washed the dishes or something! I have the small size of 50ml which only costs Β£2.50 and I get mine from Boots *Boots points* but you can also get the bigger tube of 125ml which costs Β£5.50.

I have used many hand creams in the past and I don’t like paying too much for a hand cream as I don’t suffer with mega dry hands. If you like to use hand cream and want one that isn’t too expensive but does a fantastic job then I highly recommend Hand Food! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little post.

Until next time lovelies.


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