Favourite all time Big Brother contestants. πŸ’œ

Hey everyone! πŸ™‚


I am a huge fan of Big Brother and I try to watch it all every year. I prefer the regular Big Brother to the Celebrity one as I like to watch real people all from different types of lives live together and see how they bond and stuff. This year has been great! Soooo many arguments it’s been crazy! But so many good and funny times too. Here are a few of my fave housemates that I have watched throughout the years, enjoy!

1. “Who is she?! Who is she?!” Nikki Grahame, BB7,Β is my number 1 most entertaining housemate ever! She is just so fantastic with just how funny, cute and crazy she is, she would complain about everything and anything haha! She speaks her mind and likes to have fun which is why I just love her to bits. She is brilliant! She was also placed in big brother in 2010 and also again in 2015! “It’s like I’m Beyonce and she’s the fucking backup dancer” hahaha!! Legend.


2. The ditsy Welsh boy Glyn Wise gave me so much giggles in BB7. He was very funny and sometimes can be a little be stupid and it made the public fall in love with him! I always remember him singing a song when he’d be cooking his eggs lmao! πŸ˜€


3. My fellow Bristolian Josie Gibson from BB11 was a fantastic and hilarious housemate! She was so down to earth and was very entertaining and I am so glad she won it that year she really did deserve it!Β Anyone remember her Aussie lover John James in the house?!

Josie Gibson enters the Big Brother house grinning

4. The self proclaimed ‘Sugar Daddy’ Dexter Koh from BB14 was one of my faves from his year. He was so sneaky but made me giggle so much, he was really entertaining and always stuck up for himself. He also had THE biggest crush on Charlie in the house, that made it awkward as her Mum who was in the house really didn’t approve either haha!


5. Brian Belo from BB8 who had also been put into this years BB for a part of the time warp week which was just brilliant. He won his series on BB8 and it was so obvious he was a huge favourite of the public. Very ditsy and just a genuinely lovely guy. He would just say the most random thing and got everyone laughing out loud. Legend.


6. So this year on BB16 I had a few favourites but out of them all Joel Williams was a great one. Him with his politic side of him and dancing and singing to songs and don’t forget his slut drop! haha!! He was a lovely kid and the youngest in the house this year, only 19. He came a fantastic runner up to the wonderful Chloe.


I don’t know about you, but I am super excited for Celebrity Big Brother to start! Hopefully there will be some great housemates in there this year! Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

*Until next time lovelies*


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