8 things kids these days wont know. πŸ’œ

hey everyone, hope you are all well πŸ™‚

Today’s post is just me, a standard 90s kid, currently 22, talking about what kids these days wont know and wont get to experience here in the year 2015. This includes two of my younger siblings who are age 12 and 15. (going on 18)Β 

1. MSN. Remember saying to your friends as you walk out of school after the bell saying “i’ll be on msn at 5 okay?” Everyone had msn messenger, it was before unlimited texts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and stuff like that. Take me back to that cool writing, webcam chat and constantly changing your msn name.

2. When selfies didn’t exit. Who knows where the word selfies came from?! Everyone these days take hundreds of photos, usually selfies, and can choose the best ones to keep but we had actual cameras and had to wait for the film to develop and you’d look through the prints and laugh. I still always have cameras like this, they feel more special. πŸ˜€

3. Calling your friends. I feel that alot of kids never phone up each other for chats anymore, it’s a shame. I loved calling up a friend on their house phone and talking for ages, and my mum would always moan that she wanted the phone back haha!

4. WhenΒ children’sΒ tv programmes were actually really good. All the shows now on Disney channel or Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network and stuff just aren’t as good! I miss all the old shows when I grew up in the 90s/early 2000s they seemed much more interesting and fun, bring back drake and josh!!

5. Making up dance routines. This was one of my fave things to do with my friends as a young girl. I usually was the leader, and we thought we were so cool getting the cassette/cd player out and going over our made up routines and showing them to family haha! Pussycat dolls were our goals haha!

6. Extra cheesy pop music! You still get some cheesy songs, but all the chart hits when I was growing up were super cheesy but everyone loved them! From the Spice Girls to The Cheeky Girls to Crazy Frog!

7. Making a list from the Argos book for birthdays and christmas presents. This was one of my favourite things to do! I’d spend hours and make a huge list of things I wanted and decorate it with hearts and stars haha! Aw fun times. Kids just want iphones, ipads and computer games now.

8. Cheap sweets! My Mum would give me 50p to go the shop with my friends and I would be able to get so much stuff and now one bar of chocolate or packet of sweets are like 80p-Β£1!?! Crazyyyy!Β 

Well I hope you enjoyed this post guys, some of you probably also experienced some of these too, I miss so many things from growing up!

*Have a lovely day*


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