Can we overcome our fears? 💜

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We all have fears and phobias that frighten us and may worry us time to time, and I was sat thinking today, can we overcome our fears? I have a few fears and also I have a huge fear, well a PHOBIA, of clowns.. yes *clowns* and as I get older it hasn’t gone anywhere!! -.-

I’ve known of people who have therapy and hypnosis to get rid of fears and phobias and that is just mad! I wonder if it works for everyone, that would be so cool. But I guess it is normal to have fears and it’s a huge achievement to overcome them, especially when some of them can make a big difference in your life. Today I’ll be talking about some fears that I have.


1. Clowns – I have had a phobia of Clowns since forever. The name of this is Coulrophobia. Apparently I watched that freaky old film called IT? Some of you may of heard of it, it’s basically a creepy film with a scary clown with HUGE sharp teeth. I was too young to watch it and it emotionally scarred me for life! To be honest I don’t think this will ever go away!! It is kind of annoying, when it comes to watching certain films and stuff, but it’s not like I see anything clown related in my everyday life so I can kind of live with it! 😛

2. Public Speaking – This fear is no way as bad as it was back when I used to go to school or college but It still makes me nervous. In school in assembly or something I really, really hated having to go up and stand or speak in front of everyone, I would sit there and pray it wasn’t me up next! I have learnt to just stay calm and breath and that no-one will laugh at me or anything, that’s what gets me through it!

3. Weight – So for a long time I feared about being too big for ages, I had a weight problem a couple of years ago which I got over, which I am so glad about. I feared if I ate lot’s I would get fat or if I didn’t excessively exercise I would also just become fat. I used to have a fear of eating a lot in front of people but luckily I have overcome this fear now. I may still worry but I’m a girl, we all do it. Just learn to love yourself, everyone is unique and we are all perfect in our own little way.

4. Being sick – I have a fear of being sick, like as soon as I start feeling sick I get overly worried and usually I don’t even be sick at all in the end! I just wind myself up and get me all nervous and anxious and I get so so worried as I hate the feeling of being sick, the smell, the look of it, ew just everything!

5. Spiders – Apart from my Mum who will just happily pick them up in her hands!! *crazy* A lot of people I know, whether it’s big or small have a fear of spiders. They creep me out big time! Even just a tiny little one I freak out *ARGH* Actually I have seen 2 in my house this week!? madddd..

What are some of your fears? Do you have any? Some of you may have some of the same as the ones I have mentioned. I think in this world if we really try hard enough then maybe we can overcome some our fears we have.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 *Have a lovely day*

Until next time lovelies, Sophie✨

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