Introducing… Weekly mini happys. πŸ’œ

Hey guys! πŸ˜€


 I sometimes find myself feeling a little negative, down or unhappy and I always want to try and feel positive with myself and my life, and so I will be posting every Sunday my weekly mini happys. These will just be small little things that have been good and positive about my week and It should hopefully make me feel happier too! They will be in no particular order but I will write them down and a little bit about what’s behind them. Doing this small but simple exercise is exciting and means the week will always end on a positive note *hopefully* I know that Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter has done similar to this on her blog and twitter in the past and some others have joined in too, and I really liked the idea of it! And maybe if you like this idea you can join in too?! so here goes! πŸ˜€

So this weeks mini happys for me are…

1. Being able to blog again.

I have had a few busy weeks, I went on holiday to Turkey for a week and have also been staying in Bristol a lot, so to be back at home with my laptop and having the time to relax and write has been lovely!

2. Feeling comfortable talking about my feelings.

This week I have spoken to my loved ones of what has been going on through my head and how I have felt a little lost lately, It feels nice to share how I am feeling with them.

3. Celebrating Adam’s Birthday. 

It was (my boyfriend) Adam’s 23rd Birthday on Monday and it was a lovely day, had lunch and he got a spontaneous piercing! Relaxed and had an evening meal out with his family and as it’s his twins birthday too πŸ˜› The next day we spent the day in Weston which was lovely in the sun πŸ™‚ Playing crazy golf and having chips and ice cream!

4. Spending time with family.

This weekend has had lots of family time, dvd night in Friday with wine and picnic in the sun on Saturday followed by an evening at the cinema.

5. Looking forward to Summer plans.

I have lots of summer plans and talking about them gets me all excited! Starting with Gay Pride next week! πŸ˜›

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it may have even inspired you to start thinking more positively if you need it. I feel more better about myself and everything around me after doing this and I cannot wait for this to continue! πŸ™‚

What were your #5minihappys this week?

See you next week!


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