10 types of girls you meet in the toilets on a night out. πŸ’œ

Heyyyy, me again. Hope you’re all well πŸ˜€

Β Β 

You may see some pretty odd and interesting things on a night out especially if it is a big town. I am from Bristol so it’s a big city with lots of bars and clubs so on the weekend it gets super busy with lots of people partying and getting drunk. You know you will near enough always meet people in the toilets when the night is getting more steamy and here are some of them..

1. The girl who is lost looking for her friends.

“Has anyone seen Louise?!” Umm no one knows who you are on about love. Still surprises me why friends leave each other in clubs?! Nooo, stick together girlies!


2. The one being sick.

Sick for me is a no go. Especially when you can hear some one else being sick or the smell of it omg ARGH gross..


3. The one asking for the deodorant or a brush or anything and everything else.

BRING YOUR OWN NEXT TIME. If it’s your own friends then yeah okay but strangers borrowing your things isn’t something that we want to happen.

4. The ones who share cubicles and take foreverrrr.

Sometimes they are just in there talking and not actually using the loo when you are stood there about to burst!

5. The ones taking a million selfies.

Okay we all like to take a few, but when they are in there taking selfies pouts bigger than duck faces, there is fun outside the toilet ya know.

6. The girls that are having a bitch fight.

Girl please, take that sh*t outside.


7. The one crying.

Usually over boys and you get the whole life story of the 2 of them. “You deserve better, don’t cry.. Anyway gotta go dance.. Nice to meet you.. was it Stacey?”


8. The girls having a heart to heart.

Too much alcohol can sometimes make people really soppy and very cringe! “I love you, you know that right, you will always be my best friend” I am very guilty of this *sorry but I’m emotional*


9. The stuck up ones.

These are the worst. they just stand there thinking they are super hot and better than anyone else and they totally judge you from head to toe until they leave. Ya could of smiled back! UGH.


10. The super awesome ones.

You meet the coolest people ever,Β you start chatting and you get on like a house on fire and they are so fun and then you never see them again. I love and miss you all.


Don’t you just love a drunken night out girlies! ahaaa.. I know I do!

*Have a wonderful day*

Until next time lovelies! Sophie In Neverland ✨

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