one direction concert! πŸ’œ

Hi!!!Β πŸ˜€Β Β 

So last Saturday on the 6th June 2015 I went to see One Direction in concert at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and OH-MY-GOD it is was amazing!! πŸ˜€

I went with my little sister Maddy and my best friend Kristie. This was my first One Direction concert I have been able to go to as I never really had the money to go before but I am hoping to go to every one from now onwards πŸ˜›

So we travelled all day and waited hours and hours but it was so worth every single second! McBusted were the support act before the boys came on and this is my second time seeing McBusted and they were just amazing like last time! Loved it! The atmosphere in the stadium was crazy so many great fans and there were thousands and thousands of people who went, it was mental! We had standing tickets and we weren’t too far from the end of the walkway stage which was good. I love Harry Styles he is my absolute fave and celebrity crush too haha, so you can imagine how happy I was to be seeing him perform and actually being in the same room as him! β€οΈπŸ˜‰ He was amazing, as they all were. That hair tho, I never want him to cut it! At first I wasn’t sure but it actually really suits him and his style. Harry is so funny he wouldn’t stop dancing around and rocking out and his voice is just incredible, probably even better singing live to be honest! I am a huge directioner and this day was like the best ever! I cannot wait to see them again one day πŸ™‚

Here is one of my little video clips and a few photos I took on the night (only iPhone quality sorry!)


Β IMG_4057


Hope you enjoyed this little post my fellow Directioners 😊

*have a wonderful day*

Until next time lovelies! Sophie In Neverland✨

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