Instagram. 💜

Hello internet! 

instaInstagram, I love it! I am so happy that they made this app for smart phones. It was created in 2010 and it allows you to share photos and videos and is one of the most popular social networking sites along with Facebook and Twitter. It lets you put digital filters onto your photo and videos too. You can #hashtag your posts, this makes people search for things they want to look at, you would usually get more likes and follows the more that you hashtag.

I follow lots of pages, sooo many gorgeous girlies and a few famous people too. I have a few personal friends on there too. 🙂

Here is a link to my Instagram page if you’d like to check it out 😛 SophieSophsss

I have had my Instagram since I got my first iPhone in 2012.  Here are some of my first posts.

I use Instagram to mainly share selfies *oops* But I also  share photos of food, places, friends, family and quotes. I  sometimes share the odd video too.

I like to try to make my profile my own so I started using  another photo editor app to make frames and collages. My  favourite is to make my selfie and outfit of the day into one, I  randomly came up with this idea and I love it 🙂 I like to take  double photos too!

I know that some people have used my ideas from my page,  which is nice to know I gave them inspiration *cuties*

I am constantly changing my bio, I like it to be funky and fresh, here is what my  profile looks like at the moment.

How much do you guys like and use Instagram? I’d love to follow any of you guys  so please do feel free to post your links below and give me a follow back if you  like what  you see too 🙂

*Have a wonderful day*

Until next time lovelies, Sophie In Neverland✨

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