Childhood nostalgia. πŸ’œ

Helloooo, hope you’re all good πŸ™‚


So I have very recently moved house and whilst I have been packing and going through lot’s of my old things that I got down from the loft and it made me think back to my childhood and how I miss it! I was born in 1992 so i grew up through the 90s and the early 2000s and it was such fun and I have so many memories of things that we had back then. Here is a list of just a few of the cool things I remember from growing up.

1. Music. S club 7, Spice girls, Westlife and the rest! What great pop bands we had back in the day, I still know all the words to so many of them πŸ˜› As a teenager I loved loved loved Busted and Avril Lavigne, she is still my role model she is just awesome and beautiful πŸ™‚ Most of music back then was proper cheesy but no one cared back then, music was fun and I still love it till this day!


2. TV. How cute were the tv shows back then! Like tots tv πŸ˜› then as I got a little older the tv was awesome! Things like Edd, Ed & Eddy to Recess to Hanna Montana and Drake and Josh! Coming home every day from school buzzing to watch favourite tv shows and fighting over the remote control with my siblings πŸ˜› Kids tv nowadays sucks! Come on, we’re all thinking it.


3. Sweet Treats. Going down the shop with about 50p and getting lots of stuff was the highlight of my weekends! I’d get a chomp, a freddo, packet of space invaders and a panda pop! Or all those 1p and 2p sweets we all used to love to get too πŸ˜› Cheap and tasty treats were great!

panda chom

4. Video Games. Sonic is one of the best games ever πŸ˜› There are so many great classic games which I still play now and again now. Crash bandicoot, tomb raider and super mario to name a few. I still have my gameboy too, it is purple my favourite colour πŸ˜›


5. Other games. Games like curbies which was where you would throw a ball at the curb, sounds silly but we had fun. Getting everyone out in the street to play man hunt or to ride our bikes to the park to go on the swings πŸ˜› We also had stuff like pokemon cards and tamigotchis! Them things would always die when you’d be at school and not feed them haha!


6. Magazines. I remember being subscribed and my mum would pay for me to have the Sabrina the teenage witch magazines and it would come with all sorts of cool girly things πŸ˜› I also go the Tracy Beaker subscription magazines too which had lots or creative things! It would be the highlight of my month πŸ˜€


7. Dolls. So obviously Barbie was super popular going back a few years ago, I had way too many than I could play with! When I finally grew out of Barbie dolls I then had Polly Pocket, Bratz and Betty Spaghetti!


8. Obsessions. So at one point everything I owned and my whole room was decorated in Groovy Chick. I remember there were 2 whole pages of the stuff in the Argos book haha. I even had one of those blow up chairs which were so uncomfortable and I never really sat on it?! After that my room was covered in playboy stuff?! That was an embarrassing stage lol! After that it was poster after poster of Busted and Avril Lavigne, I thought I was a pure rock chick, I was so cute haha!


9. Collectables. I had a couple of beanie babies still that I have kept all this time! They are so awesome and everyone had at least one in their bedroom when you’d go round their house πŸ˜› And does anyone else remember always collecting the mcdonalds toy figure?! The toys in kids meals back then were so much better than the crappy things you get today! The Simpsons figures were my favourite πŸ˜€


10. Fashion. Lastly I love the style of clothes and the fashion in the 90s and early 00s. It’s funny how so much has slowly come back into fashion now, like high waited jeans and jelly shoes! I used to live in my denim jacket until I left it in McDonalds one day and cried all day about it *sobs* Now everyone nowadays owns a denim jacket again?! As a young teenager my favourite thing to wear was one of those tops that were long-sleeved and the sleeves were a different colour to the rest and I’d match this with a pair of flared jeans or peddle pushers! haha. Don’t forget about those hair crimpers that I non stopped used on my hair too πŸ˜›

cr lslsl

So I hope that gave you a bit of joy and a nice thought of some memories if you grew up through these times! I love thinking about it, makes me smile πŸ˜€ Thank you for reading guys!

Until next time lovelies


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