TMI facebook. ๐Ÿ’œ


Bit of a rant.. But social media, mainly Facebook, is such a weird and wonderful yet annoying thing on this planet we call earth. Millions and millions of us use this website/app daily and some of us really do use it wrongly, don’t get me wrong looking back on a few status updatesย and photo’s that I have posted a few years ago I am slightly embarrassed and thinking to myself “wow, did I really post that?” Cringe.. But that is nothing to the things that I have read and seen on Facebook, some people are so shameful.

If it’s not people complaining about normal things like weather and t.v and such things but a lot of people shareย too much informationย on there that really does not need to be shared with the internet. Non stop daily posts of their baby (get a real photo album?!) family arguments that should really be kept in the family, ‘friends’ trying to dig at each other by posting bitchy status’ย aimed at one another, if that was the case remove them as a friend? or them ones that post depressing shit constantly, surely that is suppose to be personal? the ones that share and post funny videos are not too bad tho as we could all use a laugh, but some videos in the past I have seen on there are so disgusting, like what is wrong with some people!? I for one hate Facebook nowadays, it has changed since I first got my Facebook profile back in 2007. Originally it was such a great idea, you can share things with your close friends and family, it would all be happy god things about life and a quicker way to communicate without using up money with texting and calling, but now it’s a world of a lot of negativity and fakeness – this saddens me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I have been really considering lately to deactivate my account on Facebook, I don’t use it much, the few people I have on there wouldn’t bother with me in actual real life anyway, so really, what is the point? I always see my close friends and family anyway and we have mobile phones we can contact each other, if people care and want you in their life they would keep in touch, so really it wouldn’t make much difference to me. I am just sick of seeing loads of shit on Facebook it really irritates me, the only thing is I have lots of uploaded photos on my page that I need to make sure I have backed up as I do not want to lose them. If you need a little rant, tweet about it! #twitteristhewayforward if you want to share a nice photo just use instagram! Simples ๐Ÿ˜›

How does everyone else feel about Facebook? Has anyone else not got a Facebook page, I would like to know how it feels? Sorry for the rant guys ๐Ÿ˜› #donthateย โ™ฅ

Until next time lovelies, Sophie Sophsโœจ

3 thoughts on “TMI facebook. ๐Ÿ’œ

  1. I don’t mind it too much, as I use it mostly to keep tabs on bands I like and Youtubers. I absolutely despise those stupidly sappy posts that tell me to share a picture or I don’t have a heart. Maybe I have a heart and I just don’t want to share that stuff. Those posts make me want to just get rid of the people posting them. -.-


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