i’m weird because.. πŸ’œΒ 

Hey guys! 

You may or may not of seen, but today trending on Twitter was #EveryoneThinksI’mWeirdBecause.. I tweeted saying because I am. πŸ˜› I have been told many times I’m weird and weirdness comes in all forms so I don’t take it as a bad thing! Rather be weird than boring right?!


One of my favourite quotes, which I just love, is from Alice in Wonderland..

The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad? Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But let me tell you a secret, all the best people are.

A few things I do.. ok maybe more than a few, but I think they are really weird and odd and I know that probably not everyone is the same and has the strange little habits that I have. But I’m sure you all have your own weird and funny things that you do which you don’t think will be particularly normal to everyone else.

Constantly thinking to myself “Sophie your weird”

1. I like to eat cereal at anytime of the day, I also like to sometimes mix them, like having rice krispies mixed with corn flakes at 3pm in the afternoon.

2. If I see a switch on without anything plugged into it I have to turn it off, whether it’s in my house or some one elses. I don’t get why people leave them on?!

3. I always put my milk in last when making a cup of tea. My mum put’s it in first, just no.. ha! ^.^ I can actually tell when some one, usually my mother, has made it wrong, some how it just tastes different, she just laughs at me!

4. Every time I go to the toilet (unless the toilet looks super sparkling clean!) I will thoroughly wipe the seat with tissue over and over until I feel it’s clean enough to sit on. This becomes a nuisance when I am desperate to pee!

5. I can only sleep with 1 pillow when I go to bed. I used to sleep with a few but I kept getting achey neck and shoulders. One day my Dad said try sleeping with just 1 pillow, so I did, I have never looked back! Now if I have more than 1 pillow I get all achey the next day! So for me, just 1 pillow is the comfiest to sleep on 😊

6. Deodorant, I use it way too much. I get really anxious that I smell even tho I don’t, I will make sure I have sprayed deodorant like on my lunch breaks, or after the shower, when I’m out and about, on the bus and before I go to bed, just any chance I get and I have thoughts about whether or not I need it I spray anyway! Nobody likes a smelly person so why take the chance?! haha!

7. I am constantly making lists, whether it be wrote down on paper (yes I have a to do list pad) or making a note of it in my mobile phone or just in my head! I write lists of books I want to read, movies I want to watch, music to download, things I want to go and do, events, gifts for people, things I need to buy, bills to pay and I’m also always writing lists on my blog too!(like this one haha) I just love them. πŸ˜› Gets me organised and motivated to do things and this way I will never forget anything!

8. I don’t like having the outside of my glass wet, like if I get a glass of tap water I have to dry the outside of the glass after to make sure it’s not wet, odd i know.

9.  I circle the top of the letter i instead of dotting them when I write, sometimes I like to put a heart insyead too πŸ˜› (used to always get told off in school oops!)

10. I like to click my wrists or my fingers, usually I don’t even notice when i’m doing it, my Mum hates it with a passion always telling me it’s bad for me! I have gotten better in the years to not do it as much so I’m getting some where haha!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I enjoyed writing it, life can be strange some times πŸ˜›

Until next time lovelies! Sophie Sophs ✨

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