shower time. πŸ’œ

Hey guys.

I have just had my morning shower (well it’s not exactly morning anymore woops!) and I have done all my skincare regime afterward too and I wanted to share with you what products I use. Be Aware! Mainly Lush productsβ™₯


Let’s start with hair shall we. At the moment my hair is blonde with a little bit of peach still in it, and the best products I find to use when your hair is dyed blonde is the Bleach London Silver Shampoo & Conditioner. I find it fabulous! It also reduces the yellow brassy tones out of your hair which you may have if you have bleached you hair yourself like myself! After I’m out the shower I comb my hair through and spray some heat protection spray onto it, I always use the got 2 B guardian angel one I love it so much I prefer it to any others I have previously had and it does last a while too. After I have blow dried my hair I will spritz a little more protection on my hair before styling if I am using any heat products such as straighteners.


With shower products, I use all Lush things! Firstly I will use the ‘Rub Rub Rub’ shower scrub which smells so fresh and it makes your whole body so smooth and nicely exfoliated. I have soooo many shower gels from Lush, today I chose ‘Snow Fairy’ which is from their Christmas range and I get it every year without a doubt it smells so sweet like candy and I adore it! This is a small bottle I got in a gift set which is nearly finished but I still have the huge bottle which has yet to be used yay!


After I’m out of the shower nice and clean I will cover my body in a Lush moisturiser. My favourite is their ‘Dream Cream’ it’s a hand and body lotion and it is their Number 1 Lush product and I totally agree with this, it is so smoothing and smells real dreamy and gorgeous too. For my face I cleanse with Lush ‘9 to 5’ then tone with their ‘Tea Tree Water’ it is the most refreshing thing ever I am not going to lie! πŸ˜› I have used all Lush face moisturisers and I have a few favourites but at the moment I am using the ‘Vanishing Cream’ it’s a low-fat one and soaks smoothly into the skin, very light weight so it’s a great base before you apply make-up to your skin too. I am pretty sure that this is their number 1 best-selling face moisturiser too so I would recommend it if you are looking a new one to try!

777 5555 6666

After I am dressed I will pop some deodorant on, I always use Sure or Dove when it comes to deodorants, they are very popular and I think they smell and work the best for me. I am running out of perfume! Today I used the last of my ‘Britney Spears – Fantasy’ this is a classic fave of mine, I have had several bottles over the years, it smells heavenly and lasts all day, I always get comments when people hug me when I have this on! haha!

I Hope you enjoyed knowing what products I have and my reviews of them. πŸ™‚

Until next time lovelies, Sophie In Neverland✨


3 thoughts on “shower time. πŸ’œ

  1. This was cool to read. I didn’t know this much work went into showering ~ haha. I really need to get back into using lotion after my showers, especially the ones where I shave my legs. Laziness is usually the reason. Plus, I only take showers at midnight, so nowhere to go after that. xD


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