50 things that make me happy. 💜

Hey guys, Hope you’re all good 😀

being happy is The best feeling even when it’s just those little things in life! I recently got challenged by a lovely blogger friend InfinitelyAwkward to do the 50 things that make me happy tag so let’s go!

1. Kristie, my best friend. Aw Chummys ♥


2. Massages. Foot massage, back massage or any massage I just love them! (adam gives the best ones!)

3. Hot bubble baths. But who doesn’t just love those right?

4. Laughing especially when it’s uncontrollable laughter, so funny ^.^

5. Good music. Makes me happy listening to a real good tune, I like hearing and singing to songs when they are old classics that you haven’t heard in a while.

6. Shopping. “Let’s goooo shopppingggggg!!”


7. Frozen yoghurt or an ice cream on a warm day.

8. Getting drunk.


9. Compliments. When people say nice things to you whether it be about the way you are or the way you look it makes us feel happy about ourselves, it makes me super happy when I get compliments 🙂

10. A nice cup of tea!

11. Fooooooooooooood. A nice fatty take away, a lovely restaurant meal or a yummy home cooked meal! YUM.

12.Lazy days zzzzZZZZ.

13. Cuddles!

14. & kisses of course! 😛

15. Buying presents for people.

16. Smiling 😀

17. Taking videos and photographs.

18. Teddies.

19. My boyfriend Adam ♥

(this is my laptop screensaver haha!)


20. Cleaning?! Yes, I like to clean and tidy whilst singing to music  😛

21. Meeting new people.

22. One direction.. Harry ♥ (yes I have a Harry doll!)


23. Working with great fun people.

24. A good movie.

25. My family.. most of the time anyhow haha.

26. Converse.

27. Memories.

28. Applying my make-up & doing my hair.

29. Feeling confident.

30. Having coloured hair, as in colours like pink purple and blue not the usual brunette and blonde.. etc.

blueee pastel

31. Disney movies!

32. Winning on a scratch card, even if it’s only £1!

33. Playing in the park BIGKID

34. Wearing slippers

35. Snow

36. The smell of lush products

37. Friends

38. Flowers

39. Offers & awesome sale items 😛

40. Feeling fresh out of the shower

41. Happy children (especially Millie & Jack my Niece & Nephew) ♥

jack millie

42. Playing games

43. Fresh clean bedding.

44. Painting my nails.

45. Being at the beach.


46. Hair scrunchies.

47. Finishing work.

48. Travelling to places I haven’t been before.

49. Tv shows I watched when I was younger on Nickelodeon and Disney channel (they were so much better back then!)

a1 a2 a3

50. Car journeys with my Adam, singing along together is so much fun 😛

Wow long list! It was nice to think of lots of things that generally do make me happy 😀 Have a happy day!

Until next time lovelies, Sophie ♥



    • April 30, 2015 / 12:16 pm

      aw that’s great! will do and you 😛

  1. April 29, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    Lovely post! Could add quite a few of these to my list too! :)x

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