girls in their twenties love.. πŸ’œ


So i decided to write a blog post about what women (well some women) in their twenties seem to love and obsess over, and yes I am included in this!

  1. Red lipstick. Or any other shade that usually would stand out. We just love to own it, BAM completes the face
  2. Black ankle boots
  3. Loving Disney maybe slightly more than when you were a child
  4. Older handsome celebrity men who seem to have got better with age?! hello Gerard Butler and James Franco
  5. Romantic chick flicks, got to love having a good cry over some thing completely unreal
  6. Hair styles and colours, got to experiment right?
  7. Diet coke, no calories obviously tastes the best
  8. Britney & Christina Aguilera’s old hitsΒ 
  9. Constantly overly buying candles. To add to the huge collection of candles you already have
  10. Watching reality tv shows and thinking, I actually like this?
  11. Saying “I’m like the only person from high school without a baby”
  12. Chokers
  13. Looking on people’s instagrams and thinking how are they and their life so amazing?!
  14. McDonalds
  15. Reading and sharing endless list of things from the 90’s
  16. Watching friends over and over and never getting bored with an episode
  17. Two for Tuesdays
  18. Thinking and saying out loud “Wow I feel so old” when really you’re not actually that old yet
  19. Taking selfies, but taking 20 minutes to decide if you actually like any of them enough to post on social media
  20. Bed sheets, towels and cushions. We are turning into adults, oh no

Well I wonder if any one else in their twenties can relate to any of these? I know I certainly can!

Until next time lovelies! Sophie ❀️


4 thoughts on “girls in their twenties love.. πŸ’œ

  1. xSumoff

    Must admit, I’m still only 19 and most of these are pretty Bang on already haha. Great job, love reading your posts x


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