getting the bus. πŸ’œ


Lot’s of people really do hate getting the bus, my boyfriend being one of them but that’s mainly because he has been driving for a few years and get’s irritated on buses. I actually like getting the bus which people are suprised about when they hear me say it. I mean, don’t get me wrong an overpacked bus with smelly people on and you get all hot is a no go! That I really hate, but that has only ever rarely happened to me! Haha! *Lucky*

I find buses relaxing, and I love tolook at the scenery around me outside the window and looking at life and having a good ole think about everything and anything! I like the fact that you get so many different types of people on the bus, different religions, disabilities, personalities or you can just try to see the different backgrounds each person has in their life and how they have been brought up and things like that, I find it very very interesting!

Like today I was on a 30 minute bus journey into town to meet my boyfriend, and on the way the people on the bus were a mid 30’s english woman with her say, 3 year old son, a young down syndrome woman on her own, a indian man with his child in a buggy who was so adorable and kept  looking and smiling at me. I also seen 2 girls and 1 boy get on together and they must of been students from a different country, I think they were talking Spanish, and then there was little ole me sat near the back of the bus writing this blog post.

I wonder if any one else feels similar to how I feel? I know many people who really do not like to ride on the bus but I don’t really mind it to be honest πŸ™‚

Until next time, Sophie Sophs ❀️ 

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