things I would say to my 15 year old self! πŸ’œ


So a alot of you might agree with me that they cringe a little when they look back at their 15 year old selves and would love to of been able to give them some advice, if I could of been able to tell my 15 year old self something back then I would of said a whole lot of things! My little sister has just turned 15 so I think I need to make her read this post soon!

Some things I would of loved to tell my self back then are…

  1. Yes school can get boring and having fun with friends is so much better right? Not completely.. I enjoyed school so much, seeing my best friends and having a laugh everyday but I wish I listened more in class and got myself more focused on my studying.
  2. Do not linger outside shops asking people to buy you fags or alcohol?! It is not cool and slightly annoying.
  3. Teachers are normal human beings too! So whenever you want to take the mick out of them or laugh or be rude just remember to respect your elders and be proud for doing so. You could really hurt their feelings and even ruin their day without even knowing it.
  4. Boys at school will never matter once you have left school so save all the waterfall of tears, none of them are worth it.
  5. Doing your hair and make-up in every class and constantly wearing lip gloss doesn’t make you a model, but have fun experimenting.
  6. The horrible girls who will push you or call your names or start rumours are not better than you, don’t be afraid of them, ignore them, they hate that! Where are they now? At home alone with 2 kids i expect, no career aspects and no goals, that boy who were their “forever” is now nowhere to be seen.
  7. Don’t kiss so many boys! Yes it’s fun at the time but sharing that much saliva is not good soph! It’s kind of disgusting.. lol ew!
  8. STOP! Do not ever pluck your eyebrows again! You shall definitely regret this decison in a few years haha!
  9. Don’t have sex until you have left school, even tho your boyfriend is lovely, you can both wait a little longer. Don’t care if people call you ‘frigid’ This will make you feel better about yourself in the future πŸ™‚
  10. Carry on eat rubbish foods whilst you can! Yes chips, chinese takeaways, pizza and crisps. It’s okay! When you are older you won’t have the privilege of fast metabolism, so enjoy it now!
  11. Study and revise more, someday you may need those grades to be in tip top condition or you’ll have to re-do them again (like i need to this year at 22!!) Aim highly towards your goals and you will thank yourself one day.
  12. When your parents may get annoying and mum wants you in by 10, it’s only because she cares and wants whats best for her daughter, don’t give her a hard time for any punishment or shouting she may give you.
  13. Your right by having a small friendship group and 1 bestest best friend who is your other half (still best friends btw!) You and your few friends have a great time, enjoy being young! If you want to drink do so but stick to those alcopops!
  14. Appreciate your family more, leave the attitude when it’s not needed. You are a wonderful human being.

15 year old Sophie (on the right) in science class at school. I am rocking the black hair with extensions and pretty bows haha!   

Until next time! Sophie Sophs ❀️

3 thoughts on “things I would say to my 15 year old self! πŸ’œ

  1. These were wonderful words of wisdom by Sophie Webb ! At 22, living continents away, these points are completely relatable to me too (except a change of gender is needed in some πŸ˜‰ ) ! And my brother also turns 15 in June this year. I hope he’d read this too πŸ™‚ Beautifully written.


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