copycat. ๐Ÿ’œ

Hello everyone.

So I have this annoying thing that I just really hate the fact when some one clearly copies me or steals my ideas, It’s always happened with people at school and stuff but even in my adult life it happens from another adult and it is just plain weird!

It all started back like 4 years ago when i was seeing this guy, then his brother started seeing this girl and she literally started to copy and try be like me and the guy i was seeing it was so strange?! It was little things like going to the same restaurants all the time and buying the same his & hers mugs and then it was getting excessive and just plain annoying and unoriginal!

After about a year or so it turned into her just copying the things that i do like all the time! From the clothes that i wear and other things that i would buy like shoes and home stuff to food i eat! I then drastically changed my hair colour to pink and i am not kidding you either about 1 week later her hair was pink too -.- I mean you can imagine how i felt right? Just really annoying, and simply unoriginal. I love to do my own thing and be stood out and I am never afraid to be different my friends and family and everyone has always said this too, and for some one to always try be like me was just not good for my liking! She really didn’t like me either, she never spoke to me and used to say things behind my back to others too, but i never did anything horrible to her for her to dislike me. People have always said it was just down to jealousy but I have no idea what her reasons are to be honest. I wouldn’t mind too much if she was a friend or something, like my little sister tries to do things the same as me and it’s cute and I giver her inspiration, but when I’m not in her life and she dislikes me for no reason and pretends that she has her own ideas for styles and everything else it just bugs me!

On her instagram and twitter page she’d copy the things i would talk about or the way i would lay out my pictures which was different to anyone elses then she would do the exact same! Even my ย hashtags on twitter or instagram she would do the exact same on hers.ย When I buy new things i would sometimes post a photo like anew top or socks or something, she’d be wearing it a week later and it would be so awkward when I’d see her lol, cutie! my new bedsheets, out of all the bedsheets she gets the same and posts a photo of hers -.- got my nose pierced and then she did not long after.. my new instax camera.. then she got one.. adam brought me a bobble pop head.. then she got one.. my favourite youtubers are now her favourite youtubers.. I use all lush products and now all she used is lush products.. ย the list literally goes on and on and ONNNN. I was so happy when me and this *guy* broke up for a big fact that I would never have to see her or be around her again HAHA! even tho it hasn’t stopped her yearssss later, still. One of the most annoying things Is that she stole the idea of a nickname me and my best friend call each other, Chummy. Somehow my dad came up with this and started calling us it a few years ago and now it has stuck and me and kristie call each other it and now my stalker has too, tad bit annoying especially when her and her bf don’t really speak :/ I know that the youtubers Zoella & Sprinkle of Glitter call each other chummy too! Which is absolutley bizzare and awesome. About 3/4 weeks ago, I was having my breakfast and then i got a notificationon my phone from instagram telling me that she had started following me?! I was shocked and soo confused, but I tweeted about how my jealous stalker copycat from years ago had followed me on Instagram and how freaked I was about it, and immediatley she unfollowed and blocked me. My cousin visited and she told me herย twitter and she had tweeted about me saying i was a stalker and things and then she blocked me after.. Completely being a hypocrite, but who was she trying to kid? Herself? I have no idea?!?! LOL ^^

She had tried to turn things around and make out like it’s the other way around, I don’t get why people do that? I’m sure others don’t really care and she still knows she stalks and copies me so what’s the point in it? I will never know! haha!

Even tho it was so weird I do slightly feel sorry for her, she wants to be like me so bad and she obviously can’t find her own style of things, she will probably always follow me and stalk me and that’s fine with me, at least I know i am a role model to some people, itย kindaย makes me feel good about myself to be honest ๐Ÿ˜‰ I now just ignore her and tell myself that If some one copies you it’s a compliment and that I should just take it. Like they say

Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery

I have blocked her on social media before and put all my stuff private but some how she was still stalking me and stuff so I thought no, I shouldn’t have to do this, I have nothing to hide if that’s how she wants to lead her life then she can. I will probably never hear or see her ever again and I am so glad it’s over ๐Ÿ™‚ She is probably somehow magically reading this too? (as she some how found my instagram and twitter after i changed my usernames?!) But good!ย I would love her to read this maybe she will stop.. But hey ho! If so then Hiiii ๐Ÿ˜‰ you know who you are and I have decided to let you do what you want without complaining about you anymore.

I would love any comments if anyone one else has been through any thing like this or still is? Then you can feel for me haha!

Until next time lovelies! Sophie Sophs โค๏ธ

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