Manners. πŸ’œ

Hello there!

Good manners cost nothing but yet a lot of people still do not use them when there is no reason not to. A simple thank you is not hard at all, after serving a customer at work or holding a door for some one or any other day to day life things that happen, some people just like to be rude and i will never understand why. I find happiness in saying thank you and please and using good manners and being polite to other people, it’s a nice feeling when giving and receiving, i’m sure everyone must feel this way, right?

Every day at work there will always be at least one rude lady who just doesn’t say hello back at the till no thank you smile back or anything and it makes me sad and mad at the same time.

Just giving some one a smile can nake there day, I know it does mine. Alot of the time if I am walking somewhere to the shop or bus stop and if I see an old person they almost always say good korning to me and it is so sweet and lovely. We should talk and smile at strangers more often, everybody loves a good natter and this world need to have lots of peace and love with each other, to make this world a better place. πŸ™‚

Until next time lovelies, Sophie ❀️

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