90’s kids. πŸ’œ

How great was it back in the 90’s ayy, i mean even the early 00’s were better in most ways compared to now a days. I think all young people now a days are missing out on a whole lot of fun, mainly because of technology. Technology is great to some extent don’t get me wrong, but people forgot all the good things that are off of staring into their computer screens or smart phones 24 hours of the day! Teenagers tend to not communicate and actually talk to each other anymore, which means they don’t have as much fun and laughter that we all enjoyed so much being young.


I had so much fun growing up, i was born in the year of 1992 so enjoyed most of all the 90’s things we had back then. All those board games such as chess, twister, monopoly, and video games we would play with our siblings or friends, crash bandicoot, spyro the dragon, sonic the hedgehog and super mario. The music in this world is constantly changing and there is always great music to listen to but in the 90s there were so many girlbands and boybands and pop was huge! I loved the spice girls and s club 7 and blue (lee ryan childhood crush) People are sat glued to facebook these days, my 14 year old sister is one of them! I feel sad that she’s not having as much enjoyment of her teenage life than she should be. At that age i got home from school, got changed and went straight out to play. We went to the park, bike rides or we’d just hang out around each others houses, get sweets or crisps from the shop (which were less than 50p back then) and make up dance routines to our favourite songs. In the summertime one of my favourite things was running out to the ice cream van, you would see all the kids in the street out there. My teenage years were the best years i woulddo anything   to go back and do it all over again and i wouldn’t change a thing!

I’m sure alot of people have the same feelings like i do!

Until next time my lovelies, Sophie ❀️

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