random hotel. πŸ’œ

So I arrived in Bournemouth yesterday, I’m here visiting my best friend Kristie as it was her 22nd Birthday on Tuesday. She is also moving house this weekend. After lots of trouble with her current landlord we ended up staying in a hotel in Bournemouth for the night. It was actually a really cosy bed and I had a nice cup of tea when I woke up too. Kristie unfortunately had to wake up very early to be in work by 7! *yawn*
But as soon as she has finished work later we shall be moving her into her new place which is exciting! Also she gets to drive her car for the first time as she has just passed her test! Can’t wait. Her car is a yellow beetle, the cutest! ☺️
Happy Friday!

Until next time my lovelies! sophie ❀️


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