You know me too well if… πŸ’œ

I was with my best friend the other week and like all best friends we have stupid silly things we say or do to one another and we still accept each other for who we are and don’t judge, things such as shortening words for things and automatically knowing what the hell we are chatting about! haha! She secretly hates to share her chocolate as she loves chocolate so much, but she always will with me. So to come to think of it we all say and do weird quirky funny thoughtful or personal things only around those who are close enough to us. I’d like to share some of mine.

1. Let you make me a cup of tea and toast

I don’t know if it’s just me but with my cups of 1 sugar with milk tea, it always tastes marmitebest when I make it myself, I got to give it to my boyfriend tho he is starting to make real nice ones too (when he agrees to going downstairs and making me one) But it goes the same about toast. I like to make my toast and out the right amount of butter/jam/marmite (I LOVE MARMITE) or whatever I like on it then eat it, when some one brings it to me I’m like thanks… I am grateful, of course, but it’s never ever the same.sing

2. You have heard me singing, like really going for it

I love to sing whether I’m taking a shower, in work or in my bedroom. But I don’t think I have that bad of a voice (I do hope I’m not tone death) So sometimes, usually car journeys, I love to give it a go with a good song.

3. You’ve heard my sarcastic but funny rant..

Like ‘alrightttt, I was just saying..godddd..’ I don’t think I can explain that any more, if you know me youmonkey will know.

4. You’ve also heard me say “Yolo” “Bruv” “Init” “Mate” or sometimes even “Soz”

Not even sorry… but don’t judge πŸ˜›

5. You know what my specific order is at McDonalds..

Just a meal, usually medium sized, diet coke but not because I’m on a diet but because I prefer the taste, it’s less fizzy, I don’t often drink fizzy drinks so, and then the meal; A McChicken sandwich meal NO MAYO, JUST LETTUCE, with fries, please.

6.I moan about my aches and pains.. a lot.

It’s not my fault I’m in a twenty something’s body but I feel 90 half the time 😦

Maybe some of you have these in common with me or maybe you have some familiar, we all have them and I hope you enjoyed me sharing a few with you.

Keep Smiling!

until next time my lovelies, sophie β™₯

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