Introduction.. πŸ’œ

Well hello world, I am Sophie. I thought I should do a get to know me post and introduce myself a bit more.Β I know I have already partly done so in my ‘About Me’ page but it can’t hurt telling you a little more.

I am 22 years young, and I’m starting to blog as a fun hobby along side my life, and also for some inspiration too. I love to read whether it be stories, books or blog posts, and I thought hey, why not start my own blog, to be part of the blogging community sounds fun and interesting to me! I’ve always written in personal journals, and still do to this day, so sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences and all sorts of random chats on here will be a new and exciting thing to do! I’m glad I’m not alone in being a newbie! Well, we’ve all got to start somewhere! I hope that people out there will read my post’s and enjoy them and maybe even follow me along in this wonderful thing called life.

Thing’s I would like to achieve by blogging…

  1. Improve my writing skills and find my style of writing
  2. To follow and interact with other bloggers for inspiration and support
  3. To improve on my grammar and punctuation
  4. For my posts to get better and better the more I post
  5. To have fun and enjoy this blogging experience!

until next time my lovelies, sophieΒ β™₯

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